We inspire youth to embrace health through the sport of running

RUN SHARP Health Initiative is a non-profit organization that helps at risk youth to get active, develop a lifetime passion for health, and realize their potential through the sport of running. We implement running and health educational activities through the RUN SHARP for Life Programme, which educates deserving youth about running, nutrition, anti-doping, first-aid, financial literacy, volunteering, and career guidance.


In collaboration with community-based youth welfare organizations, RUN SHARP selects and coaches diverse beneficiaries – adolescents who are overweight, adopted, orphans, under the care of an elderly person or relative, come from fragmented families, or simply struggling to find direction – to embrace positive health and life habits. RUN SHARP for Life culminates in participants being physically and emotionally ready to run a 5KM, 10KM or 21KM race and attain essential vocational and life skills. Based in Johannesburg, RUN SHARP serves youngsters between the ages of 13 and 21 years in Alexandra and Soweto.



To enhance the health and well-being of youth, through the sport of running


To inspire youth to develop a lifetime passion for health and realize their potential through resourceful running programmes