We deliver free health education programmes to disadvantaged youth


Health lessons emphasize the importance of being active and eating right and healthy with the purpose of building knowledge and positive attitudes about health, as well as commitment to improving and maintaining health, preventing disease, and reducing risky behaviour. Health education also includes raising awareness on check-ups, highlighting the importance of taking tests regularly.



First aid training, which includes CPR, is Level 1 accredited and teaches health safety and injury prevention skills, enabling recipients to assist at home, school, or even the community, whenever there are emergency situations. Adolescents spend considerable time without the presence of adults and first aid training is one way they can learn to be responsible for the welfare of other people and develop an ethos of community service.



As an organization devoted to inspiring youth through sport, RUN SHARP is duty bound to educate about the value of clean sport and the meaning of competing with integrity. Not only is doping unethical and against the rules of sport, it can result in serious health consequences. The anti-doping training explains why doping is a concern beyond being against the rules of sport and highlights the risks associated with using dietary/nutritional supplements, as well as the health consequences linked to steroids, stimulants, masking agents, or other illegal substances.



Most youth are making financial choices now. Many shop, have casual jobs, pay bills, have accounts at financial institutions — and most importantly, for those who are university bound must prepare to make a student debt choice. The money management class helps attendees grapple with the adult choices they already face as teenagers, but most importantly aims to instil a lasting difference in their level of conscientiousness in personal finance behaviours.



The benefits of volunteering — for anyone, of any age – are almost endless. Volunteering gives a new view of the world and expands one’s understanding of other people’s lives. It is a great way to gain life experiences; develop interpersonal, leadership and communication skills; and to express a sense of motivation and achievement. Volunteering opportunities available through RUN SHARP include serving refreshments at running events and the Health Jamboree, a community outreach initiative that encourages kids to run and take health tests regularly. Furthermore, research shows volunteering leads to better health. People who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not.



Global competition, product innovation, process development and advanced technology affect the types of careers available to youth. RUN SHARP’s career talks help recruits become aware of relevant job trends so they don’t make decisions in a vacuum of information, while visits to employer organizations provide first-hand exposure to the work environment and to meet professionals in different vocations. Therefore, initiates can make important decisions about their futures, and have direction on combining their education and talents with their hopes and dreams to achieve success.